EASER h  o  m  e  p  a  g  e
Ensembl Easy Sequence Retriever
A python program (easer.py) based in PyCogent library for the homology-based retrieval of several sequence data types from Ensembl.
A perl program (enamer.pl) for the renaming of sequence descriptions.

EASER is free software targeted to the scientific community.

Runs in Linux, Windows and MacOS.
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Please follow PyCogent installation instructions from Quick Install.
Support Info
For any support needed or any suggestions, send an email to:
24-11-2013 - EASER publication released in Evolutionary Bioinformatics.
8-5-2013 - EASER homepage on sourceforge.net is made public.
4-5-2013 - EASER publication in press in Evolutionary Bioinformatics.
Emanuel Maldonado, Imran Khan, Siby Philip, Vítor Vasconcelos and Agostinho Antunes
EASER: Ensembl Easy Sequence Retriever
Evolutionary Bioinformatics (2013) 9: 487-490.
DOI: 10.4137/EBO.S11335
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